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Triple Biome Warzone Pack

presented by: Sir_Arzie


Fire earth and ice warzones Size: 540x540 (all 3 of them) circular. Contains: Dragon organic,...

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Fire earth and ice warzones
Size: 540x540 (all 3 of them) circular.
Contains: Dragon organic, flower organics, trees, flat surface for pvp.
And mine-able resources everywhere.

Come see my channel!
And my Twitter!
Blockcount 50739696
Length (x): 540
Width (z): 540
Height (y): 150


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    • Agent_Crimson

      Hey I bought this Can I have the individual files too I already added you on Disc

    • Whaler_

      Hey, I added you on Discord SDHPlays#9581, I am trying to buy it but it wont let me!

    • PhYsIcAlZzR

      Hi just purchased could you please send me individual schematic files for this i am needing to place them separately

        • Sir_Arzie

          Sure thing my discord is
          Also you need to provide your name in the discord so i can verifye the purchase : )

            • PhYsIcAlZzR

              Hi again my discord is

              not sure how to send a message so i added you

    • Ampharius

      yooo you still active on here looking to purchase?

        • Sir_Arzie

          Yup i am still active, you can buy it directly from me or just click the Purchase Now button which ever you prefer : )

    • Chickenugget135

      Can i have for free?

    • CyberPhysics

      Hello, would I be able to get schematics per warzone? I added you on discord. Thanks in advance.

    • Xenore & ByNeoX_

      but could you add me on discord plz Xenore_87#1935 because I haven't found you (sorry for my english, I am french)

    • Xenore & ByNeoX_

      Hey i want to buy the map i contact you on discord.

    • Goony

      hey there, do you have a discord i could contact you for these build? it too big and i cant load it thru WE

        • Sir_Arzie

          Hey sure You can contact me, Arzey#8003 use this name. I will give you seperate schematic for each warzone.

            • Goony

              oh i didnt reload the page, so didnt u u reply

    • Devillion

      Are you saying that one arena is 540 x 540 or all 3 of them combined is that big?

        • Sir_Arzie

          Yes it is that size for all of them invidually, so 1620x1620 in total if you plan to combine them.
          Theres a lot of space for pvp! :)

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