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Skyblock Spawn - Organic

presented by: Nanners


Skyblock spawn presented by DriliNanners. This skyblock spawn includes. - Organics (a dragon...

Feel free to share:

Skyblock spawn presented by DriliNanners.

This skyblock spawn includes.
- Organics (a dragon and 2 statues)
- Spawnpad
- Platforms for misc.
- NPC-area
- Portal
- Terrain

Please check the sketchfab 3d model for an accurate representation of the building:

Check full resolution images here:
Blockcount 0
Length (x): 200
Width (z): 150
Height (y): 255


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    • TitanFrex

      Hi guys i try different Heights to paste, I reccomend Height 174 when you paste this epic build

    • ColdElementz

      Everytime I attempt to paste in the spawn, it crashes the server & gives me errors in console?

        • ColdElementz

          Possible to get a world download not a schematic?

            • TitanFrex

              Hi you put the schematic on worldedit files. so i reccomend you to download fawe plugin (fastasyncworldedit) and you try to paste again.

    • StrqfeCodes

      hi nanners would you be able to make me something similar to this pls for a factions spawn

    • NaydrusS

      Hello, good evening, I would like to know if you would allow me to use one of the two statues for a project.

    • Alttavus

      Someone on youtube just share this map for free.

    • Elite_CraftMC

      So if I buy this thing I wil be the only one Who has iT?

        • Nanners

          No, schematicstore doesn't work that way, if you want to have a custom build, I can make you one but it's a lot more expensive. :)

          My skype is: drili.nanners if you want to contact me.

            • Elite_CraftMC

              I maby will i did add you accept me pls

    • EasterCow

      How many have been sold?

    • EasterCow

      Don't worry fixed it with MCEdit

    • EasterCow

      Nothing pasted when i pasted it

        • Nanners

          Hmmm, try pasting it in different heights, it should work completely fine unless you pasted it wrong. :)

            • EasterCow

              it keeps crashing the server i tried Asyncworledit to slow it down not working also tried //limit

                • EasterCow

                  think i have sorted it

                    • EasterCow

                      can i ask how many people have bought this map?/

                        • EasterCow

                          yes its pasting some of it but stops i use //limit so it doesn't crash if i don't use //limit it doesn't paste at all

                            • Nanners

                              Use the //limit command like following:
                              First start by //limit 50000 then //paste -a
                              Then go up to //limit 100000 and again //paste -a

                              Keep doing this as you increase the limit value and stay in the same exact position where you're pasting from.

                              Good luck. :)

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