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SG/PvP games map - Eirlys

presented by: MrAniman2


Build represents alien themed landscape. Spawn point (and shop) for pvp/kit pvp is located in space...

Feel free to share:

Build represents alien themed landscape. Spawn point (and shop) for pvp/kit pvp is located in space ship...for survival games under the space ship in its shadow. Map contains many different organics (plants, creatures) and also is pvp friendly because it is based mainly on flat surface and there are no grass, fences etc.

Build size: 471 x471x139
Playable area size: 310x310

Extra pictures you can view here:

NB! Schematic size is fairly large so be careful when pasting in server. I suggest to use AsyncWorldEdit or FAWE plugin and command /paste -a Or if you have a small server use MCEdit to import schematic in single player world and afterwards upload save game file on your server.

You can also contact me ( or SchematicStore support in case of any issues.
Length (x): 417
Width (z): 417
Height (y): 139


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    • TheWalkingBeast

      Hello I just purchased this schematic and pasting it does not seem to work. I tried as you suggested /paste -a but nothing happens. I am using FAWE. Can you send me a copy in a flat or empty world please?

        • MrAniman2

          Hi, sure I can paste it in flat world for you. Please send me an email to:

    • MilldogPlaysMC

      Can i get your Skype Name Please

      I need a custom kitpvp server and terrain and your the cheapest and most professional builder i've seen yet.

      Add me as well: themilldogyt and we can talk there

        • MrAniman2

          Hello, I'm glad you like my work :) , unfortunately at the moment I don't accept commissions so I'm afraid I'll not be able to help you, sorry.
          But if you change your mind and would consider non-exclusive build then I've just released new kitpvp map:

          Thank you

            • TheWalkingBeast

              Hey I just purchased this map but it does not seem to work for me. May I have a copy in a flat/empty world?

    • BeastYT

      I going to buy that one of the most beatifull thigns i saw

    • qjc

      bought it

        • MrAniman2

          Thank you and i hope you like this build :)

            • Saleh

              because he purchased it will it be taken down?

                • MrAniman2

                  No, this is being sold non-exclusively (like most of builds on schematic store) but i have set a limit for this build and it will be taken down probably in 1-3 months.

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