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Server Hub

presented by: Rowanos


A Beautiful Server Hub consisting of one main island to spawn on and 6 large islands surrounding it...

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A Beautiful Server Hub consisting of one main island to spawn on and 6 large islands surrounding it with room for portals and exploration.

each Portal island has it's own unique theme.

- Pirate
- Steampunk
- Palace
- Western
- Fantasy
- Sci Fi
- Medieval

the center island has a nice clean design to welcome the players that Join your server without overwhelming them too much.

Between the islands there are also 6 smaller islands that can be used for shops. each having their own unique building that fits with the main island behind it.
Blockcount 163200
Length (x): 800
Width (z): 800
Height (y): 255


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    • kingpie_

      I've bought this and I can't load it onto my server because it's too big and it crashes it. What can I do? Is there a command or something?

        • kingpie_

          Also, server in 1.13.1 so I can't use mcedits. Anything else work?

            • HRZNzero

              You can use mcedit to import the shematic file into an empty world, then save that world and import these files into your desiganted world folder on your server.

    • Tragicending13

      Paypal is saying it cant proceed with the transaction, any ideas?

    • Trimphus

      Really good work!

    • Cloudstrife038

      ive done //schem load mcedit filename and it times me out can u give me the map instead please

        • Rowanos

          Hey there,

          I can not give you the actual minecraft map.
          However in our FAQ: you can find solutions to your problem.

          my reccomendation for this map is using mcedit to paste it in.

          - Rowanos

    • ExcaliburPro

      Hi there, do these buildings have an interior? and will it be possible to have a look at the map in-game before purchase?

    • RapKey

      What shader did u use?

    • MythNinja

      Awesome map! Purchasing right now. its the perfect price
      1. it wont be boughten by 100 kids and people that leak maps.
      2. Not many BIG servers would use a non custom purchased hub.
      3. Will be using this until we get enough $ and purchase a custom one :D

    • Insaneblaze

      My friends and I own a bungee cord server and we are trying to use this build for our hub but when ever we try //schematic load [name] the server hub crashes even when I do //limit can you please help us or if we provide proof of the payment can you send us a world download for it instead of a schematic?

    • SpraX

      Hello Rowanos, We are contacting you because we are interested in finding a spawn for our new Minecraft Server.
      We have some questions in our mind we would like to ask,
      1. How will the process proceed? We'll pay before we get the spawn? How can we be 100% sure?
      2. Are there a limit amount who can buy this spawn? or is it a one time purchase?

        • Rowanos

          Hello SpraX,

          1. Once your payment is completed you will get direct acces to the download link for the build. So far we haven't had many problems with people downloading their purchased builds. In the unlikely event that this does happen we will make sure that the error is corrected.

          2. There is no limit to the amount this build is being sold, anyone can buy it.

          I hope I have answered your questions sufficiently with this reply.

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