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Sagewick Fantasy Hub/Faction Spawn

presented by: thelukass


Delicate details from the roman era combined with supernatural fantasy elements make this spawn...

Feel free to share:

Delicate details from the roman era combined with supernatural fantasy elements make this spawn incredibly unique and yet consisting classical roots.
DANGER: Your players might end up awing at this marvellous structure instead of playing the objective.

It has 4 exits which can be used for portals but can also lead to the warzone of your faction server or your prison server spawn. Its size is around 150x150 with space for your own stuff, such as mobspawners, enchantment area etc.
Blockcount 400
Length (x): 151
Width (z): 151
Height (y): 100


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    • Pumbalo

      Is this map 1.8+?

      I wanna build this on a 1.8 server, but not sure if it contains blocks that 1.8 doesn't have?

    • Sprucemoose03

      I would like to purchase this map but when I go to buy it it says this map is currently unavailable on paypal can u pls fix this?

    • frazier65

      This map is really great looking! Perfect for my factions server! It does not look over the top, but is impressive enough to keep the players around. I included signs noting that you are the builder of it. Thanks for selling such a cool build!

    • ItzGabryx_

      Yesterday I’ve bought this map and it is so awesome!
      I am writing to ask you about something. We are building a website and we will put on it the names of the staffers and contributors.
      We bought one of your map, so.. can I add your name in the Builders list?
      I would try to get in touch with you, so I can link your Portfolio, maybe your Website near your name and Skin-head.
      We are trying to build a great project, please reply me soon and check out the server countdown at for the first Beta 1 Server Opening.
      You can find me here, anyway, I will leave my contacts.
      • Telegram: @ItzGabryx
      • Discord: @ItzGabryx_#9996
      • Mail: -

      Thanks for all,
      ItzGabryx - TheLegionsMC Server Project Lead Founder

        • thelukass

          Sure, thanks:) my ign is: thelukass and my full portfolio is @

            • ItzGabryx_

              Thank you

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