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Medieval Spawn

presented by: Dhexou


Version: 1.8+ NPC area Crates area

Feel free to share:

Version: 1.8+
NPC area
Crates area
Length (x): 500
Width (z): 500
Height (y): 236


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    • Ramzie55

      What version is this spawn in? Load in weird.

        • Ramzie55

          Fixed the issue, then I asked him if he could add a few things which he didn't need to. But did it anyways. Worth buying!

    • Valexio

      I just recently purchased this spawn, however when I try to load it in with world edit, it always crashes my server. Other schematics work fine however this one won't load in. Can I be provided with another schematic file?

        • Valexio

          I figured out the issue that has been crashing my server. So much of the schematic is the water surrounding the build that my server has such a hard time loading it in. Can you provide a schematic file with just the build and no water?

            • rileybelleville

              Happening to me too.

              I'm requesting a refund.

                • Dhexou

                  If you still have a problem with schematic

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