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Medieval city - Rownenborgh

presented by: MrAniman2


This map can be used for RPG, creative, survival and maybe even faction servers as well as for some...

Feel free to share:

This map can be used for RPG, creative, survival and maybe even faction servers as well as for some mini games like hide n seek, hunger games and of course also for pvp games etc.

Some of the features:
- There are more than 20 houses (almost all are unique)
- 10+ tower/high wall structures
- Inside/interior is made for around 70% of the houses (some houses have 2 floors...some just one floor or a small room)
- Almost all walls/towers are climbable (accessible by players)
- There is shop/info area under one of the houses
- Large portal (located in the forest)
- Underground tunnel
- Some caves around the map
- Organic water dragon
- Beautiful terrain around the city

...and many more features. I highly suggest to take a look on more pictures here:

For this build i used quite unique mountain design.
I also put a lot effort into creating a beautiful surrounding terrain. (There are also some small caves around the map)

Forest was made in a way so it actually feels like a forest instead of random placed trees.... to achieve this i had to create a whole set of custom trees (like 30+)

NB! Schematic size is fairly large so make sure you know how to paste large size schematics. I suggest to use AsyncWorldEdit plugin and command /paste -a or if you have a small server use MCEdit to import schematic in single player world and afterwards upload save game file on your server.

☀️ If you need updated schematic (1.16+) or have any other questions you are always welcome to contact me directly via email: animan2(at)
Length (x): 450
Width (z): 450
Height (y): 96


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    • Samantharose0419

      Hey, I purchased this schematic but I can't get it to work on my server. Would you be able to send it to me as a world instead? Thanks! Discord: samantharose0419#5047

    • Ace

      hello, MrAniman2 What is your Minecraft In-Game Name If I may ask? And may I also ask do you know any Minecraft name goes by Inition?

        • MrAniman2

          My in-game name is MrAniman2 and no I don't know anyone who goes by name "Inition"
          (If someone claims to be me please don't trust them, I'm not open for any commissions at the moment)

            • Ace

              Ah, ok I thought so :) Just want to double check because he was trying claim that the build was built by him. No Worries

    • GrantisMantis


      Our budget is pretty dang low right now :/ , we were wondering how much lower you would be willing to let us buy this off you for?

        • MrAniman2

          Hello, please contact me via this email: I might be able to help you :)

    • TobiXmod

      Can i pay with paysafecard please ?
      And when how ?
      Thanks for the answer and sorry for my bad english

        • MrAniman2

          Hi, unfortunately I believe SchematicStore accepts only Paypal payments.

    • KenDevJava


      Shematic is too heavy, can you give me the map or just chunk's build ?
      My mail :

            • Sunnygreen9

              Could I buy this, but have it as a world file instead of as a schematic?

                • MrAniman2

                  Hello, yes if you purchase this then I can do it for you.

                    • MrAniman2

                      But to receive it as a World save you need to contact me personally via:

    • WeRx

      hi, you can sell this map exclusif ?

        • MrAniman2

          Hello, unfortunately this map has been already sold numerous times so it's not exclusive anymore ...and I want to continue to offer this map non-exclusively to small server owners

    • MrDog

      What's the difference between buying this here and buying it on MCMarket if the one on MCMarket is cheaper?

        • MrAniman2

          Hi, there is no difference except the price. It's the same build.

    • Sonek

      How big is the build.!?

        • MrAniman2

          Whole area (schematic file) dimensions are approximately:
          Length 450
          Width 450
          Height 100

            • RageMusic

              Would it be possible to get this Map for 20€?
              30€ is definately to much for this, but it is still a very great build.

                • MrAniman2

                  Yes it could be possible....I'm planning to give a large discount for some of my maps around Christmas time (Please contact me on email: )

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