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Loyal Sanctuary - Detailed Skyblock Spawn

presented by: EnderManBuild


Loyal Sanctuary Includes: - designed spawn point - 2 info boards - casino - public mines -...

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Loyal Sanctuary

- designed spawn point
- 2 info boards
- casino
- public mines
- room with info and enchanting tables
- PvP arena
- room for admins, moderators and helpers heads
Length (x): 240
Width (z): 250
Height (y): 170


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    • svpalex

      Amazing work

    • Wolfie

      Hi there!

      I recently purchased this spawn today and I though I'd leave a review because EnderManBuild honestly deserves some nice reviews here. To start off the spawn loaded in no problem on my server just make sure you set the Gamerule RandomTickSpeed to 0 and paste it in while in //fast mode and use //paste -a instead of regular //paste.

      The pros to this spawn is it has so much going for it! Lots of areas to setup to make it awesome for your servers members. For example their is a really nice big open spawn point and not one but two info boards which I'm really grateful for. Secondly this spawn actually has a casino, public mines, room with info and enchanting tables, and a room for staff! Also an amazing feature is a pvp arena built into this spawn and it looks beautiful!!!

      Now a few issues I had was I pasted this in Minecraft version 1.15.2 and some blocks didn't load in properly but that's no big deal because I was able to go around and fix all the stair/slab blocks that didn't load in properly.

      Overall great work EnderManBuilds! and I highly recommend this spawn but do note you will probably want to edit a few things to your liking depending on your servers needs. You can tell the builder(s) of this spawn put a lot of work and effort into making this specifically for the players experience!

    • GThink

      Je trouve ce schematic horrible, tout les styles sont mélangés, je pense que ca été fait pour un pack de texture en particulier sinon vous serez déçus. je regrette sincèrement cette achat. 5/20

    • Rifaldhi_A

      Always Crash When i load this Shematic, and the server sudenly stop

        • Wolfie

          Try using AsyncWorldEdit, it's a plugin that slowly loads in schematics. I loaded it in on my 4GB dev server and it seemed to have no problems.

    • Pearly

      Bro please message me on instagram @lilevrey
      The website doesn't allow me to purchase your works

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