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Large evil fantasy castle

presented by: Sir_Arzie

$35.00 $29.75

Contains: -Large castle all the way to the sky limit -skeleton dragon organic (two) -room inside...

Feel free to share:

-Large castle all the way to the sky limit
-skeleton dragon organic (two)
-room inside for spawning
-Large area usable as spawn

Intended for servers.
Blockcount 50739696
Length (x): 700
Width (z): 700
Height (y): 255


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    • Xanderino

      Is this for a specific minecraft version?


      I bought "Large Evil Fantasy Castle" from this site, in my order, it doesn't exist. And in the wish list, it says Item already pushed - check out you order. Plz mail to
      I can't download this map

        • Sir_Arzie

          Please contact my discord i will just drop the schematic for you : )

    • Akam_7912

      Also man. I looked at the build height. Is the castle actually 255 tall from the ground up? I'm going to use it on a RP server, but they also have sea level (64). If this build actually starts at the bedrock, then I probably won't be able to use it. I can use it if the castle is actually 191 blocks tall.

    • Akam_7912

      Hey man. Before I go ahead and buy this castle, is the green stuff water or lava. Also, what resource packs did you use to make it look like that. What are the main blocks used in the building.

        • Akam_7912

          Nevermind, I zoomed in and its glass. I'm guessing you have to do the interior by yourself. Also, is the map seriously 700 x 700?

        • Sir_Arzie

          No its lime green glass and i used vanilla texturepack. It looks like this ingame! :)
          (3D model for closeup view of any angle.)

            • Akam_7912

              Yea, it's an amazing castle man. I'm a pretty good builder, but what you did with this castle is legendary. It takes pure skill and dedication to finish something like this. Also, my man, how much more would you want to finish the interior?

                • Sir_Arzie

                  There is one big room inside for spawning, interior for this scale would take a long time :)

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