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presented by: GameExpert

$84.99 $67.99

Gloomthorne Castle is a non-exclusive Dark Zone Build, made with a factions event world in mind,...

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Gloomthorne Castle is a non-exclusive Dark Zone Build, made with a factions event world in mind, and features a stunning outpost, two fantastic and unique event zones, and a highly detailed spawn and departing portal at the end of the build. The build would best fit any medieval, greek god, or hell theme styled server and would deliver on eye appealing ascetics and details to fascinate your players, and help to create a more exhilarating pvp experience. The build features a centralized outpost, found within the middle of the 250x250 castle, and surrounded by various hell themed details such as lava volcanoes and flame pillars, all hand placed. Around the castle is a mote of lava and bridges connecting across the mote to and from the castle. One, of two, of the event zones is cave themed with a dragon guarding the entrance, in the center of the build is a KOTH platform with lava below it. For the second event zone, you will find a large crater with an organic anvil and hammer floating above it, to better fit the medieval hell theme. Additionally there is an underground tunnel which is used to move to, and from, the crater. The spawn platform takes place in a burning castle pillar and is a drop down styled design. Lastly the opposite corner features a nice sized portal, which was designed as an escape system, for users to leave the event world. All of these incredible design features, including three different tree types scattered around, along with a semi-flat terrain, make this build a must have for any server with a focus on pvp. For a limited time only pick this build up for $84.99 off of its original price and give your players a stunning, detailed, and eye catching design with out breaking the bank!


If you have any questions or concerns; make sure to contact me DrezKid#6210.

- Yours faithfully, GameExpert & DrezKid.
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