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Fantasy/Steampunk sky lobby - Ives

presented by: MrAniman2


This build is fully compatible with 1.8+ Very unique spawn/lobby area as it features...

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This build is fully compatible with 1.8+

Very unique spawn/lobby area as it features Fantasy/Steampunk theme rarely seen on servers.

This build is meant to be used mainly as lobby or waiting lobby area.

- Designed spawn point;
- Shop/Info area (two connected rooms);
- Couple of smaller rooms in few houses;
- Parkour elements;
- Two info boards;
- Crate area;
- Beautiful structure design and steampunk elements such as pathways and airships.

Rotating GIF:

Dimensions: 120x120x110 (approx)

If you have any issues or questions you are welcome to contact me personally via email
Length (x): 120
Width (z): 120
Height (y): 110


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    • Saamie

      I am having issue loading this map in i tried other schematics that did work and this 1 does not
      can u please help me out

        • MrAniman2

          Replied to your email and sent you a new file, it should work fine. :)

          For everyone else: I will be looking to replace the schematic file for this product in the near future.

    • souldin1

      I am having the same issue i cannot load in this schematic

        • MrAniman2

          The issue was sorted out by providing different schematic file.

          If anyone encounters similar issue you are always welcome to contact me and I'll do my best to help you. :)

    • BrazyUHC

      The schematic will not load, versions 1.8 - 1.14. I tried on both server and on SP world. Very disappointing.

        • MrAniman2

          Not sure if you have tried to contact me via email or not but I still haven't received any message from you. If you do not contact me then unfortunately I cannot help you...

          Multiple other people have purchased this build and as far as I know none of them had any troubles.

        • MrAniman2

          Please contact me directly via email: and I am sure we will be able to figure out the issue :)

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