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Fantasy Spawn/Lobby

presented by: IvoDuckling


This is a small spawn with nice details and cool colors that can be used for different sorts of...

Feel free to share:

This is a small spawn with nice details and cool colors that can be used for different sorts of (mini)games.

Credits to xTouK.
Length (x): 90
Width (z): 90
Height (y): 40


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    • Ant263

      Can i see this spawn on SketchFab?

    • Leo31

      Hi, I've bought the map on 17/08 but I haven't received the schematic. Could you pass me the download link pls? Thanks

        • IvoDuckling

          Hey, I've sent you a message on paypal. Could you give me your email if the solution given isn't working?

            • Leo31

              I wrote my contacts on paypal. Thanks

    • CaptainLars

      This is an amazing spawn. LOVE IT!

    • IvoDuckling

      hy guys

    • FinnIsHot

      Just bought the spawn, gotta say I really love it and is well worth the money. Glad to support the developer, keep up the good work me dude ^^

    • _MatrixPvP_

      i bought this spawn and every time i paste it in it just posts a sign that says "Kits"

        • IvoDuckling

          Can you describe me how you loaded the schematic in? Maybe you did something wrong. I would be glad to help you.

    • GhettoMan777

      Haha yes, so I just bought this map also and I did not receive the download? Any way to give me the download or a refund if I can't get the map? I just bought the map and the date is 2/24/2017.

        • IvoDuckling

          Sorry for the late response, it's a schematic, not a map

    • Unluckylutch_

      i just bought this and didnt get the download?

    • timr2000

      awesome spawn m8

        • IvoDuckling


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