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Fantasy Skyblock Spawn

presented by: fernandont


This is a good multiple purpose spawn that is explorable for players to enjoy . It is an estimate...

Feel free to share:

This is a good multiple purpose spawn that is explorable for players to enjoy .
It is an estimate size of 400x400

Build Includes:
Comes with PvP Arena
Comes with 1 Parkour Challenge
Crates Area
Help Area
Food Area
Shop Area
Room for NCP Leader Boards
Room for Rules
Room for Drop Parties
Plenty of room for other things if needed
Semi Interior, meaning not everything has interior
All Around Beauty that will I'm sure players will enjoy.

More Preview images:

Help/FAQ -
Length (x): 400
Width (z): 400
Height (y): 256


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    • jer_mag

      I am trying to purchase this but it will not let me.
      Please contact me on discord: jer_mag#4367 if you would like to sell this schematic to me.
      Willing to pay a little more if you respond ASAP.
      Thank you.

    • Beast11Boss27

      I purchased this but I wanted to talk about something on discord so please accept my friend request Beast#9316

    • szuno

      i can't buy it :/ could you accept my invite on discrod ? szuno#5835

    • Ace

      Hello, It won't let me buy the schematic. Also I believe it charged me twice. They are both not verify. I was wondering if you can cancel or refund one of my $25 payment and verify the the other $25?

        • fernandont

          Unfortunately I didn't receive any of the payments nor do I see them. If you'd like to purchase it directly from me instead, message me Via Discord: fernandont#7508

            • Ace

              Hello, I have send you a friend request on discord.

                • Ace

                  Hello, I believe the reason you didn't receive any payment is either because you have a wrong paypal linked or is unverified most likely. Just letting you know.

    • Master__CG

      it wont let me buy the schem.

        • fernandont

          Yea, a couple people have been having the same problem. I'm not sure why. I changed something, hopefully that works. Feel free to try again.

    • Ver24436

      Purchased this sometime ago, and couldn't be happier. It's beautifully done and had no issues loading it into a world for PMMP Servers.

    • awebear

      I Just brought this Item and Its not showing up In my paid user Interface section to download at all what, am I able to do?

        • awebear

          Add my discord Corgi Lishoush#4980

    • Emnity

      I wouldn't even buy this spawn if anyone else comes by, It doesn't fit the 256 block limit....

      You do it to high and its cuts off the top, You do it to low and it ruins all the terrain and cuts off the bottom... and if you have no sense of terraforming and are looking for a easy to plop in spawn with no work, This ain't the one for you

      He should have a better preview instead of the 3D model like a youtube video and regardless if it says "Skyblock" which is usually a void world, It has the requirements to be used for faction servers, and various other overworld servers.

      Honestly, I feel like I wasted 25$ on this, was disappointed that's it only use would be gamemodes in void worlds or flatrooms.... no use for it

    • GupAChup

      Is this a scamatic?

    • C_wis

      Hello, i want talk with you
      discode add 건우#6757 plz

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