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Factions spawn + warzone - Stoneburrow (1.8+)

presented by: MrAniman2


PLEASE NOTE! Sketchfab shows only the spawn area, warzone is not displayed as 3d model on SketcFab...

Feel free to share:

PLEASE NOTE! Sketchfab shows only the spawn area, warzone is not displayed as 3d model on SketcFab due to it's size but it is included in this product.
Also this is a large scale build! It's highly advised to use only [//paste -a] when pasting on the server!


This build is meant to be used mainly as spawn for faction servers.

Spawn is fairly small but it's well built and includes most of the necessary things such as shop, mob pit, etc. Warzone is based on a flat surface for pleasant PvP experience. There are no grass or flowers which would be in players way. I have also placed an extra structure which can be used as koth near the edge of the warzone.

Some of the features:
- Shop (includes anvil and enchant areas)
- Small mob pit
- Designed spawn point
- Area for crates near the spawn point
- A couple of empty rooms around the spawn for your needs (info, etc.)
- Unique design, not copy/rotate/paste
- Nether portal

- Flat and well designed for smooth pvp
- Various interesting details/decorations (rock formations, trees, airships etc)
- Structure/koth integrated into warzone


DIMENSIONS: Spawn 76x76, Warzone 200 blocks each direction from spawn.
Size of the whole build: 476x476 (approx.)

(!) This build is partially compatible with 1.7.2 (only minor issues like fences missing in few spots) and fully compatible starting from Minecraft version 1.8+.

☀️ If you need updated schematic (1.16+) or have any other questions you are always welcome to contact me directly via email: animan2(at)
Length (x): 476
Width (z): 476
Height (y):


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    • Ginxkz

      If I were to buy this spawn could you put it on a realm / world or is that not possible I’m also on 1.16.201 last question does this spawn overlay on a regular world go where people can travel from the wasteland to the rest of the world or it’s just the spawn???

        • MrAniman2

          After purchase you would receive a schematic file (only build and warzone) compatible with Java Minecraft servers, in case you want to use it on Bedrock server then this schematic needs to be pasted in a Java world and converted to Bedrock.
          We cannot include world files because those are owned by Mojang. I, unfortunately, do not offer schematic pasting, terrain merging and world conversion (to Bedrock) services. But all of it is doable if you follow Youtube tutorials or find someone who is familiar with how to do it...

    • Shuowo

      Hello, i'm currently looking for a builder, could you add me on discord ? Shuowo#5385

        • MrAniman2

          Unfortunately I am not really open for commissions at the moment but thank you for offer.

    • BajzJr

      Am i allowed to see it on a server Before i buy it? Dont like the 3D model, to much lag...Really like this build tbh

        • MrAniman2

          Unfortunately it's not possible to see the build on server. The only thing I can suggest is to watch the video and all of the screenshots (provided in description) If you would like to see more screenshots of specific details feel free to let me know.

            • BajzJr

              Add me on Discord: Simonkarlssson #1334, have some questions

    • Drewmajor11

      Looks awesome, buying it once I have $3 more lol.

        • MrAniman2

          Thanks, glad you like it :) ... if you have any issues after purchase you are always welcome to contact me.

    • ProfesorKush

      Wanted more pics / vids (I want for fac server) add my discord :) ProfesorKush#0768

        • MrAniman2

          You can find a lot of extra pictures here:
          But I have also added you on discord in case you still would like to see specific details.

    • Devillion

      This build is amazing! Please make more of these spawns with warzones! I need one for my towny server.

        • MrAniman2

          Thank you, I am glad you like my work :) Well..I will see how successful this build will be, if people will like it then I most likely will build another similar spawn+warzone. (it might take months tho so please don't count on it too much)

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