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Factions Fantasy Spawn

presented by: Meraki Studios


FULL ALBUM Details: - Size: 230x230 - Includes Normal and...

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- Size: 230x230
- Includes Normal and Overgrown version
- 1 entrance spawn
- Fantasy themed with natural touch
- Room for infoboards, NPC's
- Main colours : Red/Yellow
- Fitting usage: Lobby, Factions Spawn, Survival Spawn, ...


- Entrances adjustable : Create 3-4 entrances with minor changes
- Change the colours of the roof to the main colours of your server
- Choose your spawn point : Middle, back or sides
- With enclosement of entrance, usable as a Server hub

Ownership Rights
1. You are not allowed to resell this build.
2. You are not allowed to publish this build.
3. You are not allowed to claim this build as your own.
4. Your usage of this file is only permitted for 1 server and 1 development instance. For use on multiple servers, you must purchase this item multiple times.
Length (x): 230
Width (z): 230
Height (y):


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