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Dragon's Castle

presented by: ExpelledMystery


spawn with a guard dragon SkyBlock/Creative/Factions flying spawn...

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spawn with a guard dragon
SkyBlock/Creative/Factions flying spawn...
Length (x): 250
Width (z): 250
Height (y): 250


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    • Lunari_Assassin

      one final post here to REALLY show everyone what u are attempting to sell here, i spent 10 minutes running aronud to take screenshots of all the holes, and misleading area's. was able to take 16 screen shots in 10 minutes of issue area's... do not buy

        • ExpelledMystery

          I mentioned earlier that you check which version you are using, your map is missing all blocks that have been added in major minecraft versions

        • ExpelledMystery

          it's not like that on the map, obviously it's up to you because certain blocks are missing

    • Lunari_Assassin

      Nevermind... after loading this... im am VERY dissapointed. not even 1/5 stars... its not legible, and entirely misleading pictures. None of the blocks match, there are literally holes in everything... This guy is tryna scam u for money this spawn is not worth purchasing.

    • Lunari_Assassin

      Hi!!! The Cobwebs are making it quite challenging for FAWE to past it within my 24gig server, was curious if i could get a world file of this in a void world :) please add me on discord Soul#1045 Thank you again!!!!

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