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presented by: GameExpert


Version - 1.8+ Size - ~250x250+ (Estimate) Theme - Fantasy / Medieval "Bleakmaw" is a project...

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Version - 1.8+
Size - ~250x250+ (Estimate)
Theme - Fantasy / Medieval

"Bleakmaw" is a project themed winter made for any type of purpose, at sole discretion of the buyer.

- Features:

- Point of spawn, placed in a house;
- Interdimensional portal
- Many unique huts;
- Interiors included in all houses;
- The entire project is already covered in all borderlines for avoid to the player to exit from the playable part, specially made by my playability's standard;
- A cave with a koth (totally hand-made)
- And many more features;

*After the purchase you will receive a .schematic file.

If you have any questions or concerns; make sure to contact me notdrxz#7482.

- Yours faithfully, GameExpert & DrezKid#6210.
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