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Firstly you need to create a shop account with your correct details. Then simply click 'Buy Item' on the item's detail page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Immediately after you complete the purchase, go to your User Interface, then click on 'My Orders'. There you will find all your completed purchases, and simply click Download to receive the schematic directly to your computer.

When you purchase an item, you are actually buying a licence to use it. You are free to upload it on to your server, adapt it, or just use it for your own personal Minecraft world. You are not however allowed to use it for commercial purposes (for instance re-selling) or distribute other copies. Please check our terms of service page for full details.

A schematic file is simply a type of file that can store a Minecraft build. You can load this build into your world by using WorldEdit or MCEdit (both of which have an upload schematic function) 

The larger products contain both a schematic file and world save file to help make installing your build easier.


Installing a schematic using WorldEdit

1. Paste the .schematic file into your server's /plugins/worldedit/schematics folder.

2. Log onto your server and type //schem load mcedit filename, where 'filename' is the name of your .schematic file.

3. Simply typing //paste will then place the schematic wherever you are standing.


If your server crashes during pasting the schematic:

4.1. Proceed step 1. and 2.

4.2. Type in //fast into the chat.

4.3. Type in //limit 100000 (this will now limit the calculating blocks of the server for the following insertion).

4.4. Type in //paste -a.

4.5. Repeat step 4.3 by increasing the blocklimit to //limit 200000 - now //paste -a.

4.6. Repeat these steps until the whole creation is inserted; last but not least //fast to disable fastmode again.


Installing a schematic using MCEdit

1. Run MCedit - you can find a download to the latest version here.

2. Click load world and select the world you would like to import your schematic to.

3. Click the import button on the bottom toolbar - it should appear as a 'crane' icon.

4. Select the .schematic file you wish to import and click open.

5. Now place the schematic in the location you would like and press enter.

6. Finally remember to save your world, and next time you log on your new build should be ready and waiting!

Unique creations offer you the opportunity to purchase an exclusive license, thus becoming the sole owner of a particular build. Once sold, the item will automatically be taken off the store.

You can identify them as the products highlighted in red.


No, there is no fee or charge for you. The prices shown in the shop contain the license, "shipping", taxes and paypal fees.

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