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Forsaken Manor - 7 Portals Spawn

Spooky Gothic Spawn for your server. (size 250x130 blocks) Can also be used as an asset for vanilla worlds or as a lobby.

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Victory - Faction Spawn

-Original Russian inspired fantasy spawn/lobby -Tower and smaller structure can be used for shops and enchanting - Easy to expand with a warzone

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Industrial Skywars I

Small and affordable skywars map with industrial theme. Perfectly suitable for futuristic themed games and servers.

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Space Station Spawn - Tungsten

250x200 Spawn with 6 portals with unique space station design reminiscent of famous science-fiction games! Players will be able to enjoy the various areas of the spawn and meet their friends in a futuristic environment!

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Fire Atronach Sculpture

Impress your players with this 110 blocks Fire Atronach sculpture inspired from Skyrim! Suitable for any spawn/lobby or game maps.

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