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Gothic Medieval faction spawn+warzone

- The total size is roughly 500x500 blocks (Fac. Spawn is 200x200) - The Warzone has 4 themes (1 each direction), each of which has its own features: Hell, Tundra, Snow, Forest - 4 courtyards at the faction spawn (1 shops, 1 enchanting, the other 2 are open for your own stuff, filled with some trees for the meantime) - 3 storeys inside: (up-down) Spawn-arena-large hub room thing It can be shifted around a bit - Travel down by water jumps - Up by stairs - Gothic theme to fit the medieval era Mind that the schematic is relatively large, if you have any problems pasting it, look into the comment section and I will make sure to help you! More pictures:

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Roman Town spawn

Are you looking for a brand new roman themed spawn? Or perhaps just a map for Survival Games? Or are you just an enthusiast loving the roman culture desperate to have a town from that era in Minecraft? Well, now you have the option! This roman town model includes all buildings with full interior, walls to guard the town from the enemies (or perhaps to forbid the citizens from escaping ;) ) and a glorious spawn building to rule them all! Not to mention that this schematic, albeit being fairly large in dimensions, should cause no lag and should paste flawlessly! Published 6/6/2017

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Baroque Spawn - St. Peters

This Baroque-styled spawn makes use of incredibly decadent and ornate detail for a realistic feel. With four portals, custom statues, and trees to accompany the landscape, this spawn is great for any server.

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Sagewick Fantasy Hub/Faction Spawn

Delicate details from the roman era combined with supernatural fantasy elements make this spawn incredibly unique and yet consisting classical roots. DANGER: Your players might end up awing at this marvellous structure instead of playing the objective. It has 4 exits which can be used for portals but can also lead to the warzone of your faction server or your prison server spawn. Its size is around 150x150 with space for your own stuff, such as mobspawners, enchantment area etc.

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"Forklift" Spaceship/1 Portal Hub

With incredible engineering of the time of the future the people were able to create a cargo spaceship to discover the intergalactic space. Your server will be now ever so much more unique and hi-tech with this remarkable ship that can not only be added to an existing spawn but also be used as a standalone one. There is plenty of space for parkour and other ways of going around. The red bit in the front of the thruster can be used as a portal and the spawn position can be on the radar in form of a black sphere (as described on the 3rd picture). However, the possibilities of the use of this ship are endless!

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