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Thornnor - Lobby/Spawn

A lobby surrounded by a mountainous environment that creates a fantastic atmosphere to the player, giving a unique view. In the central space there are several paths that lead to a castle surrounded by some houses, at the other end of the map there is a small village on an island.

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The Eras - Lobby

This hub consists of 6 different themes of which: Traditional, Medieval, Victorian, Fantasy, Oriental and Mesa. The hub has a fantastic player environment with an attractive visual appearance. You can use this map for a minigame server with 6 different islands for different minigames, or also for a pvp network or for another type of server.

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Valley Palace - Arabian / Classic

Surrounded by a mountain range, there is an Arab / Classical palace, perfect for a hub or a start lobby, providing fantastic views for the players and a natural environment around the palace.

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Ildushi - Minecraft Spawn

One medieval castle in mountain with great interiors perfect for a server spawn, with a beautifull decoration and much things to players can explore. Spawn have: - Space for crates - Space for spawners - Space for shop - Warzone

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