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Sci-Fi Hub / Lobby

A medium sized Sci-fi themed hub. The users spawn on the opposite side to the door and walk up the escalators (stairs) to the portals. You decide where and how many portals to place. You can fit around 6 portals at the top area. Additional portals could be added at the bottom where you spawn if needed. This could also be used as a lobby as well! Definitely worth buying if you are looking for a spawn with a sci-fi feel to it.

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Spooky Skywars Map - 12 Islands

A 105x105 Spooky themed skywars map, 12 islands. Each island you spawn in has 3 chests with a crafting table. The 4 islands with structures on each have 1 chest inside. There are another 4 chests in the very middle. Which leads to an overall of 8 chests.

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