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Skyblock Spawn - Organic

Skyblock spawn presented by DriliNanners. This skyblock spawn includes. - Organics (a dragon and 2 statues) - Spawnpad - Platforms for misc. - NPC-area - Portal - Terrain Please check the sketchfab 3d model for an accurate representation of the building: Check full resolution images here:

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High Detailed Prison Spawn

Welcome to a high enclosed and detailed Prison Spawn which includes several areas for your needed purposes! The Prison Spawn includes: - A spawnpoint. - A mine (Room for more if you want to add mines in yourself). - A crate area. - A NPC area - An organic miner - Cozy terrain. - Architectural build design.

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Mages Sanctuary

In approximately 100x100 in size, this architectural hub or spawn, however you wish to use for your own convenience, features 4 portal rooms and a small PvP area that the players can drop down to easily. The portals aren't far away from the spawn point, which makes it easy for the players to get around and navigate through.

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Medieval Faction Spawn

- Medieval RPG-based faction spawn approximately 150x150 in size. - Includes a spawn area, an enchant area, a crates area and a signs/boards area. - The map has a 1-way exit, however, you can get around the entire faction spawn - please view the sketchfab for a more precise idea.

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Architectural Fantasy Inspired Hub/Lobby

This hub is inspired by architectural aspects with a fantasy twist. The hub is approximately 100x100 in size and has 4 MAIN portals, however, the corners can easily be adjusted to portals and the hub will have another 8 rooms for portals.

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