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Amazon Horned Frog

Every squishy detail of the Amazon Horned Frog is brought to your in-game life as accurately and cutely as possible in this hand-sculpted gem. Whether you choose to plop him in a jungle adventure map or something stranger, we hope you find this organic absolutely ribbeting.

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Classical Set – Zeus

The Greek god of lightning roars down upon your players, bringing intimidation and majesty to your classically themed spawns, hubs, and scenes of battle. Realistic anatomy and a sense of movement make Zeus an explosive addition to your organics collection.

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Classical Set – Aphrodite

Allure and grace may be your desire for a Minecraft world. Do not be ashamed. Aphrodite fulfills each need with pleasure. The Greek goddess sways and swoons, clutching a pure flower. Place her in your pantheon and let her soothe your players before their adventure.

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Chim's Dino Bundle

Each dinosaur is built to thrive in your prehistoric or otherwise themed maps. The creatures include: - Pachycephalosaurus (white) - Dilophosaurus (red) - Brachiosaurus (tan) - Triceratops (yellow) - Stegosaurus (orange plates) - Pteranodon (purple) - Tyrannosaurus Rex (brown) - Liopleurodon (grey) The dinosaurs are hollow, quick for pasting. They stand on a 1-block-thick, 165-block-diameter glass disc for easy access. The tallest dinosaur is 61 blocks. Friendly anecdotes and suggestions are written on signs in the schematic (not visible in the render or sketchfab model).

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Classical Set – Throned God

This Greco-Roman deity fits divinely in a temple setting. Holding a scepter and statue, the god-figure wears golden robes and a laurel wreath on his head. The schematic includes the figure, his throne, and a base. No part of the build extends beyond the edges of the perfect square base, allowing easy pasting into whatever environment you choose.

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Classical Set – Seaside Titan

Welcoming sailors, merchants and players into your port, this titan adds an air of generosity and regality to your server.

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