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Knosis - Skywars Map

Standard 12 players skywars map featuring a woodland inspired atmosphere with some ionic pillars at the player islands, a symmetrical layout and a fantasy-like dome in the center. It features two chests and a crating table at each island, and some at the center as well.

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Nano - Prison Mine

This nice prison mine is carefully designed to fit a space or sci-fi theme. The prison mine features a cool color scheme that does not bring any sharp contrast. Lots of lighting is provided for a clear and articulate experience, along with a nice floor pattern and numerous pillars for strong support.

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Willendorf Towers - Hub/Spawn

Small Hub that features clean detailing and a warm color scheme, along with lush vegetation and trees. Looming towers are prevalent, and contain uniquely designed roofs. NOTE: 1.8 textures are not working properly in the Sketchfab model.

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Aurich - 50x50 Waiting Lobby

This small lobby is ideal for a place for players to wait before or in between games, featuring nicely detailed towers and a warm color scheme. Note: Not all the fence textures show up in the Sketchfab model!

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