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New Creations

Bed Wars 4x4 Bundle

4 normal size map, player beds, place for NPCs, generators of bronze, iron, gold and diamonds, team colors,...

by Nightly Owls

Natürlich Burg Spawn

Beautiful & Comfort...

by Nightly Owls


A simple and affordable oriental spawn for every kind of use...

by Eonli and Dan

Bloom Lobby

Oriental compact sky lobby...

by Nightly Owls


Skywars or TeamSkywars Map...

by HebaraMC

Peles - Romanian...

Experience A Glimpse Of Transylvania In A Minecraft Environment....

by MooksK

Floating Fantasy Spawn

Explorable Fantasy Island Spawn!...

by Captaincreeper

Autumn Tree Set

195 trees inspired by the autumn season...

by Circleight

Roman Town spawn

Enclosed Roman Town - Spawn/Factions/Anything!...

by thelukass


Magmagestic lobby/spawn made by Avemos...

by Nightly Owls

Fumium - Hub or Spawn


by EnderManBuild

Evers Lobby/Hub

With love <3...

  • $20.00
  • $19.00
  • 5% sale

by Nightly Owls

Skywars - 3 pack

Great Skywars maps for your needs!...

by EnderManBuild

Faction Spawn

A faction spawn with a gothic feel....

by BrunoMars

Faction / HCF / Survival...

Beautiful HCF, Faction or Survival spawn area...

  • $15.00
  • $13.50
  • 10% sale

by MrAniman2

Eventyra SkyBlock Spawn

Eventyra is compact fantasy SkyBlock Spawnmade by _PAV_ (team Nightly Owls)...

by Nightly Owls

Skywars - 4 pack

skywars maps for your server!...

by EnderManBuild

Thornnor - Lobby/Spawn

A lobby with a fantastic ambience around, perfect for a network of minigames or pvp....

  • $25.00
  • $21.25
  • 15% sale

by Mothypho

Armors HUB

Armors is military Lobby/Spawn made by Avemos...

by Nightly Owls

The Eras - Lobby

A perfect hub that portrays the world over 6 different eras....

  • $30.00
  • $27.00
  • 10% sale

by Mothypho

Valley Palace - Arabian...

A beautiful exquisite palace in the valley of a mountain with a perfect environment to explore....

  • $25.00
  • $21.25
  • 15% sale

by Mothypho

Ildushi - Minecraft Spawn

A beautifull castle im the mountain, perfect for a amazing spawn....

  • $15.00
  • $12.75
  • 15% sale

by Mothypho

Rashor Castle - Server...

A 300x300 Hub/Lobby/Spawn - Rashor town with a epic entrance to the Main building- The Rashor Castle...

by TepLight

Roth´s Thriump -...

Detailed Skywars Map for 12 Players!...

by Hylarion

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