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Veg...Fruit? - Skywars

A fruit themed skywars map...

  • $18.00
  • $16.20
  • 10% sale

by VoxFox

Sushi! - skywars

A sushi themed skywars map...

  • $18.00
  • $16.20
  • 10% sale

by VoxFox

Mitsuha | Oriental...

Oriental Skywars map with 12 starting islands....

  • $9.00
  • $8.10
  • 10% sale

by xDom

Simple Server Hub

Simple Server Hub...

by EnderManBuild

Anthis - Skywars Map

Anthis - Skywars Map...

by EnderManBuild


Multipurpose urban PvP map...

  • $8.00
  • $6.00
  • 25% sale

by Astrium

Skull Pack

6 skulls in various angles...

by Hytherdel

Roman Prison Mine

A small, but fancy prison mine fit for any server....

by BrunoMars

Erutan - Plot Spawn

Small Spawn for Plot Servers!...

by Hylarion (lolipop4498)

Fantasy Castle Spawn

A small fantasy castle themed spawn that fits great for any server!...

by BrunoMars

Halloween Prison Mine

Get your halloween themed prison mine NOW!!!...

by TepLight

Conspiracy - Skywars

Egyptian twelve player Skywars map...

by Spoyders

Spawn "Colony"

Spawn/Lobby made by Zynnphony. includes: Ship - Main Island - Random Islands - Space to add NCP's...

by SolariMC

Small Flying Drop-off...

A small drop-off spawn perfect for any minecraft server....

by BrunoMars

Small Map - Airborne...


by Milesrrr


A small lobby build in a classical theme....

by Tolga38

Natural Fantasy Lobby

A great small to medium sized lobby....

by TepLight

Martium | 4 Portal Hub

A small 80x80 Server Hub with 4 Portals!...

by Hylarion (lolipop4498)